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CYstarters Spotlight Story: RenterGate – ISU Entrepreneurship

Get to Know: Brady Trent Brady Trent is junior at Iowa State studying Mechanical Engineering. He recently was selected and participated in the 2017 CYstarters Summer Accelerator. Age: 20 School: Iowa State University, junior in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in General Business … Read More

Are Micro-Apartments Taking Over?

America is known for excess. Don’t believe it? Go look in your “junk drawer.” There is stuff that could have been thrown out years ago… That right there is excess. However, there is a transition to prove that less is … Read More

New Feature Sneak Preview – Accept Online Rent Payments

You asked, and we listened. It’s an exciting day here at RenterGate! We have officially compiled plans to facilitate tenant rent payments to you. This will be included at no additional cost. Security is at the forefront of our minds and … Read More

5 Hidden Property Amenities You Should Advertise

When most people think of the word amenities, they think big. Pools, garages, and fitness areas may be on the top of this list. However, this thinking completely ignores some smaller, very useful, hidden property amenities. An amenity is “a … Read More

How to Boost Your Property’s Value

Some landlords don’t value their properties like they should. They believe it’s a “lost cause” or “too far gone.” However, this is simply not true. Some very small investments can make a world of difference on your property’s valuation. Most … Read More

Four Items to Recognize Before Investing in a Rental Property

You might be a first time purchaser or an experienced property owner. Either way, these four tips are a great reminder of things to consider before investing in a property rental. 1. Maintenance It’s nice to estimate upkeep charges, but … Read More